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2000.lha2.3util/time21926K1997-05-21m68k-amigaos Countdown to year 2000 & 3rd Millennium - (readme)
2000counter.lha util/time207321K1997-04-10m68k-amigaos Countdown timer until the next millennium (2000) - (readme)
2b_DailyUp.lha1.20 util/time2179113K1998-06-19m68k-amigaos Measures time you've spent with Amiga - (readme)
4D-Clock.lha1.0util/time136228K2002-10-13m68k-amigaos 3D analog clock. - (readme)
ABeat.lha1.7.1util/time111012K2000-02-22m68k-amigaos Simple Swatch-Beat clock. - (readme)
AboutClock.lha util/time102911K1993-11-18m68k-amigaos Little workbench clock showing you approximately the right time - (readme)
ACal12.lha1.2util/time118130K1995-11-15m68k-amigaos Calendar for MagicWB. - (readme)
aclock-mos.lha util/time116920K2008-07-14ppc-morphos ASCII-art clock - (readme)
AFF28Support.lha util/time962199K1997-05-23m68k-amigaos Samples and HTML doc for AFiloFaxPro28 - (readme)
AFiloFaxPro28.lha util/time900194K1997-05-23m68k-amigaos Manages your daily life! (MUI/German) - (readme)
AgClock13.lha util/time102323K1997-08-08m68k-amigaos Nice, simple Workbench clock - (readme)
Alarm.lha1.0util/time10883K1997-04-13m68k-amigaos Alarm v1.0 - Alarm clock - (readme)
AlarmClock.lha1.3util/time10639K1999-09-19m68k-amigaos Alarms by playing MP3 at specified time - (readme)
AlarmClock68k.lha1.5util/time12283.0M2006-10-05m68k-amigaos Full screen Alarm clock - (readme)
AlarmClockAROS.lha1.5util/time11733.2M2006-10-05i386-aros Full screen Alarm clock - (readme)
AlarmClockMorphOS.lha1.5util/time16043.3M2006-10-05ppc-morphos Full screen Alarm clock - (readme)
AlarmClockOS4.lha1.5util/time11283.5M2006-10-05ppc-amigaos Full screen Alarm clock - (readme)
AlarmClockWOS.lha1.5util/time11133.0M2006-10-05ppc-warpup Full screen Alarm clock - (readme)
AlarmingClock.lha2.5util/time105174K1994-12-01m68k-amigaos Alarm Clock that plays 8SVX sounds . V2.5 - (readme)
alerttimer10.lha util/time10874K1993-01-20m68k-amigaos OS3.0 System Alert Timing Utility - (readme)
AmiBeats.lha1.02util/time103841K1999-06-03m68k-amigaos Shows Internet Time in Swatch Beats - (readme)
AmiInternetTim.lha1.0util/time106915K1999-05-10m68k-amigaos Swatch internet time for Amiga! - (readme)
Anno.lha2.2util/time1409382K2011-04-24m68k-amigaos Reminder and calendar utility - (readme)
Anno1.21.lha util/time98723K2001-07-21m68k-amigaos Reminder and calendar utility - (readme)
AnnoFortnightly.lha1.0util/time3711K2016-09-10generic Fortnightly support for Anno - (readme)
April_SP.lha1.291util/time5981K2015-06-21generic Spanish Catalog for April - (readme)
Assistant-100.lha util/time91537K1993-08-26m68k-amigaos A calendar helper and appointment Manager - (readme)
AT.lha1.1butil/time1124102K2000-01-03m68k-amigaos German database and reminder (freeware) - (readme)
ATermin10.lha1.0 13.10.1...util/time100811K1998-10-14m68k-amigaos Date Reminder,small & fast (German) - (readme)
AudioScope30.lha util/time92717K1993-11-06m68k-amigaos Real-Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer - (readme)
AutoReboot.lha1.0util/time10927K1997-01-18m68k-amigaos Watchdog timer for presentation scripts - (readme)
backclock.lha util/time1276130K2003-04-27m68k-amigaos Transparent clock. You must try this !!! (V3.22) - (readme)
backclock_src.lha util/time108515K2003-04-27m68k-amigaos Source code from backclock - (readme)
BarClock22.lha util/time13587K1995-12-03m68k-amigaos Display a clock in screen/window title bars - (readme)
BeatIt2.lha util/time93782K1999-05-24m68k-amigaos Ultimate swatch beat clock package! - (readme)
Beet.lha0.99util/time102311K2000-01-27m68k-amigaos The Swatch Beat clock re-visited... - (readme)
BenchClock.lha1.60util/time116212K1997-11-11m68k-amigaos BenchClock V1.60 - Real Digital Clock for WB or any PubScreen - (readme)
BigTime.lha2.0util/time1071562K1996-07-23m68k-amigaos BigTime V2.0 the 1st Modular Clock - (readme)
binary-clock.lha0.5util/time137630K2005-03-07ppc-morphos Binary-clock - (readme)
BirthdayWarner.lha0.14util/time103517K1996-08-09m68k-amigaos Never forget a birthday again! - (readme)
bitime.lha1.76util/time108113K1999-11-22m68k-amigaos V1.76;Swatch Beat,auto DST,alarms,clock,date - (readme)
bootdate.lha util/time10231K1996-04-23m68k-amigaos Read the system date, and print it. - (readme)
born.lha util/time10517K1994-05-03m68k-amigaos Birthday reminder for cli. - (readme)
Cal.lha util/time9452K1992-08-15m68k-amigaos _Small_ flexible nagprogram. KS2 only - (readme)
CalClock_10.lha1.0util/time10704K1995-04-06m68k-amigaos A little calendar with a built in clock - (readme)
Calendaro.lha1.3.4util/time103544K2014-01-01m68k-amigaos Calendaro - a Workbench calendar widget - (readme)
calender.lha1.3util/time103611K1997-06-30m68k-amigaos Calender, generates calenders and outputs to stdout - (readme)
CClock_Digits.lha util/time94332K1999-12-09m68k-amigaos CyberClock extra digit images - (readme)
CClock_Digits2.lha util/time89722K2000-02-23m68k-amigaos CyberClock extra digits images pack 2 - (readme)
CGCal_03.lha util/time90925K1994-08-17m68k-amigaos Displays a calendar in a window - (readme)
Found 332 matching package(s):
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